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The Approved Private Hostel of University of Calabar

Designed to help you focus on studying while we provide everything else. It's the comfort you deserve.

Some of the things you will enjoy

Enjoy affordable prices at flexibile payment scheme

Safety & Security

Perimeter fencing alongside a round the clock security service that ensures your safety and quick response to emergency situations.

Laundry services

Laundry services made available on demand.

Serene ambience

A serene ambience can help to reduce stress, increase focus, and promote feelings of well-being.

Access Card Entry System

All rooms are accessed by an electronic card. This is to further ensure security and help control overcrowding in your hostel

400 Rooms. 1,600 capacity

we provide standard rooms having 2 bunks/room (4 student/room), option of a single student room or two single beds in a room available on demand.

Restaurant & Discount shops

Built in large restaurant area with variety of vendors. You can pay for meals and goods with your access card or with cash as you wish.

Studying facilities

An internal reading area and large courtyard with external sitting for reading. Well finished tiled and furnished rooms having seperate wardrobes.

User friendly portal

We have built a portal to make life easy for you. From payments, to lodging complains and accessing services, we got you all covered with ease.

Stable Power supply

We have put facilities in place to ensure that power supply is stable and not epileptic. This is to ensure your study comfort and well being

Uninterrupted Water supply

Water supply is steady and you can always bank on opening your taps and showers without praying first for a flow


The common room is equipped with large TV screen and Satelite TV subscription within certain hours of the days in a week.

Student Support System

Students seeking part-time jobs and internship opportunities in Calabar will be assisted based on certain criteria met by him/her.